Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Update

3 whole days away from you and boy have I been itchin' to get back!
It was a dosey of a long 3 day weekend and I think it will be best to base this recap on photos.
So without further ado here's my Memorial Day Weekend/Jaimie's Bachelorette Party in a nutshell...

On Friday after work Missy, Chelsea and I headed off to Chapin, SC for Jaimie's Bridal Shower.
We stopped at this lovely little Mexican restaurant along the way so that we could have margarita's the size of our head.

We had a lovely time at the Bridal Shower and from there the fun continued at Liberty's Tap Room & Grill in Columbia, SC.

*Jaimie aka Bride to Be is second from right.

After a few tasty beverages we decided it was best to call it a night.
We headed back to our humble abode (that Missy's friends so generously offered up for the night) where we played with Sulley the Cat for quite some time before hitting the hay.

The next morning I was awake at 7:30 filled with excitement because I knew we'd soon be visiting my favorite place, Charleston, SC.

After showering the ladies and I headed to downtown Charleston for lunch at King Street Grille.

*Side-note: The fiance and I have rented out the top floor of this lovely restaurant/sports bar for the little get together we are hosting the Saturday afternoon before our wedding.

After filling our little tummy's with lots of grub we headed to the Charleston Farmer's Market.
This was the biggest Farmer's Market I've ever seen.
I loved it and wished I could have bought one of everything.
From made to order omelets to boo coos of fresh produce, homemade breads to beautiful photography, flowers and herbs of every variety to handmade jewelry, they had it all!

We ended our afternoon downtown with a scrumptious treat from Fresh Cupcakes on King Street.

After a lovely afternoon spent downtown we freshened up at Missy's sister house before meeting up with the rest of the ladies for our wild night on the town.

Around 8PM our transportation arrived for the evening.
We'd rented a van but they were all out and sent us a limo instead.
This was great news until we realized it wasn't exactly easy squeezing 14 gals into one limo!
With a few ladies sitting on the floor we managed to make due.

Our first stop of the evening was at Market Street Pavilion's Rooftop bar.
I love this place because it has a lovely few of my favorite city!
From our table I was able to see the beautiful Cooper River Bridge as well as the place where my Mr. P proposed. :)

After a few cocktails, lots of appetizers and one little rain shower we were off and on our way for a night of dancing.
Wish I had pictures of this portion of the evening.
But I don't.
I was busy dancing.
Maybe even on top of the bar.

We had ourselves tucked safely in bed by 2am anxious for a day of sun on the beach.
However, Mother Nature had other plans in store for us.

It rained most of the afternoon.

What's a big group of girls supposed to do at a big beach house when it's raining?
If you answered, spend hours on the front porch playing flip cup, you were right! ;)

I now present to you, Team Suck...

*Beer has a knack for bringing out the classy in all of us, huh?
and the winners after 15 rounds, Team AWESOME...

That evening we presented the lovely Miss Jaimie with a little 'Naughty or Nice' bridal shower.

Best gift of the evening?
The locked undies and moo moo nightgown Jaimie's parents bought for her...

After Jaimie opened her gifts we headed out for a few hours on the town in Folly Beach.
I loved this little beach town and can't wait to visit again.

Even though it was a little sad for this fun trip to come to an end, I was so ready to be back home with my boys.

I beat Mr. P back from his trip by a few hours so I tidied the house a little and made a peach cobbler to pass the time as I anxiously awaited the love of my life's arrival.
Around 6:30PM all was right in the world...with Mr. P by my side and Tucker curled up in the floor sleeping I drifted off into dreamland around 9:00PM.

Now I'm back in this smelly office for what has been a crazy day so far!
So crazy that it's taken me 6 hours just to finish this post.

Hope you, my dear blog friends, had a lovely Memorial Day weekend as well.


  1. way to really capture everything in chronological order! i'm impressed!!! had a blast....as always :)

  2. that sounds like an AWESOME weekend! i'm so glad you had such a good time with your girlfriends! so fun!