Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lowdown

First and foremost I must announce that fiance booked our honeymoon last night!
Originally I reserved our room for the trip, but with the current Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico P had a feeling we could get a better deal!
Boy was he right!
We estimate that we saved about $1000 booking through Cheap Caribbean.
In approximately 5 months we'll be enjoying 7 nights, all-inclusive in our swim up suite at the Excellence Playa Mujeres.
I think stoked is the right word to describe my feelings about this trip!
Thank you, thank you, thank you my love!
I'm really looking forward to laying by the pool with my new husband.

, I must toot away on my own horn and announce that I've lost 5 lbs! When I weighed myself at the gym last night the number the scale read was lower than I've seen in over a year!
Very exciting!
I haven't even worked out much because I was sick last week!
This, my friends, is the result of eating fewer carbs! Something I really needed to improve on because this gal ate way too many chips, bread and pasta, no bueno!

, I must congratulate my fiance for winning yet another $75 prize last night!
You folks watch Hells Kitchen? If not, you should! It's pretty entertaining!
I have to admit that I thought I had this one in the bag! Thought Paula had it won.
P will soon be the proud owner of an electric keyboard.
YES, I'm very excited for him.
BUT, I'm also pretty sad for me.
I really wanted these Kate Spade Sunglasses! SOURCE


  1. "And on the keys... Pepe "Too Tall" Jones, ladies and gentlemen!" [applause] [applause]

    "Thank you, thank you..." : ]

    You've got Survivor locked UP, dough, hon. Prizes for everyone! : )

  2. Emie - You are a good sport about this!