Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Monday comes so fast!
Doesn't it?
Saturday was one of those perfect days that happen every so often.
The kinda day you don't want to be over.
The kind of day that happens when you are surrounded by really great friends.

P and I woke around 8 Saturday morning, snuggled the dog (he LOVES love in the morning), put on our workout attire and headed to the Barzees house.
We all hit up Bob Evans for a scrumptious breakfast and from there the boys went to battle it out on the racquet ball courts (my P won this time!) and Em and I went on a run/walk around her adorable neighborhood.
What a perfect way to start the day, huh?
We even discovered a lovely spa & tea bar called Urbana on our run/walk that we'll hopefully be visiting for massages in a couple weeks. :)

After quick showers Em and I headed uptown to meet up with the lovely Chelsea.
We went to Dar-Lynns to see Chelsea in what I'm pretty certain is 'THE ONE'. She looks so pretty in every dress.
When you are tall, skinny and beautiful that's what happens.

We then had big yummy burritos. So yummy that I craved them all day yesterday.

From there it was shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond where we purchased 64 wine glasses for our friend Jaimie's bridal shower this Saturday.
Does 64 sound crazy to you?
We think it's quite funny.

Then Michael's where I purchased lots of baking goods, my current addiction.
And finally World Market where I had the best tasting cracker I've ever had in my life.
Who knew sesame seeds were so delicious on a cracker?

Once we were back at Chelsea's we changed up and the always lovely Leigh, Elizabeth and Aimee joined us for vodka pasta with turkey meatballs (so good Chels) and lots of beverages.
*Note to self-Redbull and Champagne not a good idea before 10pm!*
After an hour or so on the town Emily, Leigh and I headed back to H-Ville (our neck of the woods) where we met up with our men.
such a fun, fun day/night.

So much fun usually comes with a big price tag and this time it was the headache I suffered yesterday afternoon.
P and I slept in, ate Red Baron pizza, watched tv on the couch, watched tv in bed, ate strawberry cupcakes, watched more tv on the couch, ate baked fish and lima beans (yuck!) and then finally headed to bed for what turned out to be the best nights sleep I've had in over a week.
Then Monday had to show up. Man do I dislike Monday.

***I have no photos from our Saturday adventures because I'm better at remembering to take pictures of things instead of people (weird, huh?).
Hope my flowers make you happy! They put a smile on my face.

pink arrow=picture Pepe found of me while cleaning the office the other day. It's from my birthday circa 2005. It was the kinda day where taking a picture of yourself with your tongue out and a mouth full of food seemed like a great idea. Know what I mean?
P thinks it's funny.
I'm happy to be able to amuse him every time he goes to the fridge!

orange arrow=
our survivor fantasy teams
Last night my player, JT, won.
I'm pretty certain this will be my only win since Adam has American Idol in the bag.

Happy Monday!

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  1. sounds like a fantastic weekend! your description of all the food in it made me hungry. it's 10:30, and i still haven't put any food in my mouth this morning. eek!