Friday, May 1, 2009

Know where I'm going today?

With these two gorgeous ladies...
To the beautiful town of Chapel Hill, NC.
Can I just say I LOVE college towns...Blacksburg, Clemson, Chapel Hill! Some of the cutest places I've visited!
Bon Appetit Magazine hailed Chapel Hill as "America's Foodiest Small Town"!
As a gal who loves good food and great (especially southern) restaurants, they've definitely won me over!
While we are there we get to see this beautiful venue, The Carolina Inn, where Chelsea and Ted will be getting married on this very day next year :)

Found this lil' tid bit on Wikipedia Travel (love their site!):

"Chapel Hill, or at least the town center, indeed sits atop a hill which was originally occupied by a small Anglican "chapel of ease", built in 1752, known as New Hope Chapel. The Carolina Inn now occupies the site of the original chapel. In 1819, the town was founded to serve the University of North Carolina and grew up around it. The town was chartered in 1851, and its main street, Franklin Street, was named in memory of Benjamin Franklin."

Oh and while we are there Chels has assured me we can visit Sugarland, a bakery by day, martini bar by night! :)
Really? That's genius!

I plan to get one of everything!!!

Hope you all have something sweet in store for your weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness - reading this gave my butterflies AND the chills. It's usually one or the other ;) I just want to burst with excitement!!

  2. oooo! get one of everything for me too please! that sounds like it will be a really great little trip!

  3. Did you tell Chelsea that you know of a great wedding photographer in Charleston that loves to travel? :)