Friday, May 22, 2009

His and Hers

Today around 4PM I'll be headed to Chapin, SC with my Missy and Chels (both also engaged) for a bridal shower in honor of our friend Jaimie.
*Side Note: Jaimie's getting married in a castle in England soon...

Yeah, I was pretty much speechless when I heard too.

After a brief stay in Columbia, SC for the night we'll be on our way to Folly Beach for her bachelorette party.
I'm pretty excited about this weekend!
For various reasons...

I haven't seen Jaimie in about 2 years (she moved to AZ awhile back)
I love girls weekends, especially when there's reason to celebrate.
Folly Beach is right beside Charleston, my most favorite place eva'!
I get to visit this place again.
I get to wear my new bathing suit.

Fiance is also heading to the beach this week.
He'll be kickin' it at Figure Eight Island with some good friends.

I knew these weekend trips could be even sweeter with cupcakes along for the ride.
So I spent the evening making vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in his and her varieties.

For the ladies I used my pretty little pink and white zebra striped wrappers and sprinkled them with the sweetest of pink sparkles.

For the boys I used my blue wrappers and sprinkled them with multi-colored frosting.

Here they are all ready to go in their matching cupcake carriers (thank you for my b-day gift Miss Chels!).

They are quite yummy.
How do I know?
If you'll notice in above picture I might have had one already. ;)


  1. have a GREAT time this weekend! your cupcakes look ALWAYS. they give me some pretty intense cupcake cravings. :)

  2. p.s. are you going to the wedding in the castle in england???!?! 'cause that sounds just fantastic!