Friday, May 22, 2009

Crack is whack!

I snapped this lovely photo at a Brad Paisley concert last year.
I couldn't help myself.
I was amused.
There are just certain people in the world who are either completely oblivious to the fact that their dereare is showing or maybe they simply don't care.
*Yes, I know at times my crack may have played peek-a-boo.
The difference?
I'd never sit for 2 hours at a concert without checking to make sure my junk was safely in it's trunk!*

Right now Speed Street is taking place in Charlotte.
Speed Street is a 3 day long festival that leads up to the big race on Sunday and it takes place along the streets of Uptown Charlotte.
Free festival + booze + race car fans = Speed Street
I expect there to be many a cracks showing.
So glad that I leave town today.
Yeehaw my friends!

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