Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Carly aka sis, sissy, sistah, carlz & carlton (she hates this one) just to name a few!

She's my sister, maid of honor and very best friend.
We talk on average 3 times a day even when there is nothing to talk about!
We've been best buds ever since we were teeny tiny girls (with the exception of a few high school years when I was ever so jealous of her!).
I admire my sis!
Aside from being beautiful, she's smart, witty, incredibly funny, talented, and one of the most caring, thoughtful gals you'll ever meet!

Yesterday she told me she had me a surprise since I wasn't feeling well.
Today on her way to work she dropped me off my lil' gift.
It was a pair of sandals! They are so ME! I love them with all of my heart!
I plan to wear them as often as possible this summer!

Thank you sis
, not just for my present, but for being the best sister a girl could ever have!
I love you!


  1. How precious are you?! I love the tribute to your sis. Love you both!

  2. There is truly nothing more powerful in life than love and I am so proud of you both! I feel so blessed to know that you never stop thinking of others Most especially I am overwhelmed with happiness to know that the two of you remain so close!!! thank you thank you thank you also for the lovely comments about me you are too sweet