Thursday, May 21, 2009

BOOM, Shake, Shake, Shake the Room!

This morning on my daily bus ride to work I was listening to my I-Pod and secretly wishing I could jump into the aisle and break it down!
There are just certain songs that make you want to boogie woogie.
How much fun would it be if we all just danced everywhere we went?
Up and down the sidewalks on the way to work...that'd be pretty darn cool!

This lil' gal just loves to dance! Put a few drinks in me (sometimes it's necessary to loosen up) and I truly believe I should be auditioning for 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

One of the first times I remember breaking it down for people was at my elementary school talent show.
I think I was in fifth grade.
I danced with two of my friends and we thought we were the hippest thing since Mc Hammer pants.
We decided nothing could beat busting a move to Will Smith's 'Boom Shake The Room'.
Tell me you remember that song!
It was the coolest!

We wore windbreakers and black stretch pants.
I was really tiny and short and my windbreaker practically swallowed me.
Regardless, I was dope!

I'd be remiss not to share my favorite dancing memory from my youth...shaking my booty along side my mother to Juvenile's 'Back that thang up' in the mornings while getting ready for school (this really annoyed my sister!).

What does this post have to do with anything?
Not much.
But if you're ever having a bad day I suggest turning on some old school rap and shaking what your mama gave ya'!
You'll feel better. Guaranteed!


  1. hahahahah! old school rap is THE BEST. so are elementary school talent shows.

    and my little sister's dream is to have a spontaneous choreographed dance come out of nowhere at her wedding. not sure how i'll be able to pull that one off...

  2. Ha! That would be incredible! :)
    I can just picture the look on all the guests faces. Priceless!