Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of my most favorite things in the whole wide world is to arrive home from work, pull into our neighborhood, drive by our house, and see a package (sometimes 2 or 3) sitting on the front porch.
Most of the time we know what's inside, but regardless, it's a happy feeling.

Yesterday I had a tiny little box waiting on me.

I opened it to find this pretty little bag...

(I love when stuff isn't just thrown in a box, but rather placed inside it's own little packaging. Makes it so much more fun!)

Inside were these lovelies...

Oh and while I'm here I just have to show you these adorable little individual cupcake holders my dear friend Chelsea got for me as an early birthday gift...

I love them my dear and cannot wait to use one!

I now leave you with a picture of my pretty pretty peonies (how you like that alliteration?)...


  1. totally diggin' the Polaroid picture! makes me wish i had more time for fun stuff!

  2. awwe..i LOVE the cupcake to-go cups! haha..and THANK THANK THANK YOU for introducing me to's such a fun site!

  3. You are extremely welcome! :) You can spend hours on there, huh?