Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update

Had yummy barbecue chicken and my sister's left over twice baked potatoes (thanks sis!).

Then Mr. P and I drug ourselves to the gym.

After the gym my lovely fiance took me to Cookout so that I could get a Huge Diet Coke.
They have rabbit turd ice as Mr. P calls it and that makes for the best fountain drink.

Then I ran myself a bubble bath.

Then it was time for some cuddling in bed while watching Season 1 of The Mentalist.
Simon Baker anyone? Man that guy is the second sexiest man alive! ;)

Woke up, snuggled with the dog.

Went to Toast Cafe and had turkey sausage, eggs and pumpkin walnut pancakes.

Headed back to the gym.

Came home and got in dressed in our best Hokie attire.

Headed to our friends house for some football fun.
*Thank Heather and Al for being such lovely hosts.

Watched our Hokies defeat Miami in an incredible win!


Laid on the couch.

Ate 3 yellow cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.

Laid on the couch.

Watched lots of tv!

Ate lots of chinese takeout!

Watched some more tv.

Went to bed!

Ah! My perfect kinda weekend. :)

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