Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I get anxious if I haven't baked in a few days.
Thus the reason I spend hours weekly browsing food blogs looking for recipes for which I have all ingredients handy.

Two days ago I discovered Simply Recipes and have been hooked since.
In fact, yesterday I based my grocery shopping around some of her recipes that I wanted to try.
For dinner tonight, grilled chicken and arugula corn salad with bacon.
Is it 6:00 o'clock yet?

About an hour ago I was browsing her cookie recipes.
I'm always on the lookout for yummy cookies considering we are having a 'cookie buffet' at our wedding.
I read Elise's recipe for Snickerdoodle cookies and was sold once I realized how easy it was (and that I'd get to use my new stand-mixer)!

Let me tell you my sweets, these are amazing!

Try them.
You can thank me afterwards. :)

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  1. you can send me one, they look delicious!! ;)