Wednesday, September 30, 2009

twilight and presents

Do you want to know what I've been doing all morning and most of the afternoon thus far?
I've been sitting on the couch reading page after page of Twilight.
Yes, I've fallen prey to this addicting saga.
My sister started reading them last week and has since become enamored with Edward and his love for Bella.
I decided to finally decide for myself what all the fuss is about (even though I was embarrassed to buy the book at Barnes and Noble) and the world isn't lying...
this is a good, wait I mean a GREAT, read.

Anyways a few minutes ago our doorbell rang.
I opened the door to find a package from our best buddies, Brian and Jill Diemar.
I opened the package to find a gift bag to me from Jill that said it "was for me to wear while getting ready on our big day". :)

It's perfect and I love it!

There was also this recipe binder with a photo of the four of us on the cover.

I've needed something like this in my life for years now.
I have a drawer full of recipes that would agree with me.

Lastly there was a meat pounder.

You see we had the pleasure of hosting the Diemars at our humble abode recently and while they were staying with us I prepared us a dinner.
I was pounding the chicken breasts (so they'd cook evenly) with a drinking glass.

*Diemars, it's true friends like you who would remember this and send us a meat pounder as a thank you "for the hospitality".
Love you guys!

Okay, now if you'll excuse I'm going to try and pry myself away from the couch (and this book) and finally into the shower.


  1. aw what a cute gift! and omg twilight... my mom and sister are both addicted! they actually have an almost unhealthy obsession with edward... but i have to admit, i did love the movie, and i read most of the first book and it was great!

  2. Those are the most random, yet thoughtful gifts! Have I met her? I need to.

    Enjoy your reading :)

  3. What a thoughtful package!

    ~ Jen