Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rain, Fall and thensome

It's supposed to rain here in good ol' Charlotte, North Carolina all week and shockingly I'm excited.
When the sun is shining it makes Fall seem so far away.
And folks, like many of you, I'm beyond ready for Fall to be here.

I ordered my first latte of the season on Monday and man did it feel good to be browsing the aisles of Target with caffeiney goodness in hand.
If we weren't getting married in a month and severely over budget I would have snatched up every pumpkin, witch, and black and orange candy package in site.
I mean that, I really would have.

But this year I'll have to settle for a mum!
oh and a wedding.
A wedding, that in case you didn't know, I'm very excited about it.
Even though lately the thought of our wedding stresses* me out, I know deep down somewhere I'm still really excited.

*In case you were wondering, I'm 1 million percent certain I wanna marry my P, I just don't know what freaking songs we want to hear from 7-8pm!

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