Tuesday, September 22, 2009

busy, busy day

Today was a very productive day in terms of the upcoming wedding.

Let's see...

I hoped on the bus this morning and headed downtown to meet my sister.

She accompanied me to my first alteration appointment.
Luckily I need very few alterations.

Then Mr. P swooped me up and we headed to Diamond's Direct to order our wedding bands.

Then we headed to Paper Source to pick up some envelopes so we could send off the 15 invitations going to Mexico (still waiting on the calligrapher to finish up before the others go out).

Then we met with P's parents for a lovely lunch.

Afterwards we stopped by their house to pick up our invitations (his mother rescued them from our doorstop this weekend since we were in VA!) and also to see the adorable flowergirl dress she made for Pepe's niece Lauren.

Isn't the dress incredible?
Man I wish I had her sewing skills!

Anyways, I'm a very happy little lady on this cloudy Tuesday.
We are checking things off the to-do list left and right and it feels good.
Real good. :)

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