Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last night's dinner was, in the words of my fiance's ancestors, MUY BUENO! ;)

In all seriousness, allow me to humbly state that it might have been one of my best.
I even manned the grill completely on my own while Mr. P was at the hair salon.
*sorry my love, that funny yet completely true detail was just too good to leave out.

Truthfully all credit really needs to be given to the masterminds behind these scrumptious recipes.
The chicken had a glaze that was somewhat sweet but still had a little bite to it.

The arugula corn salad with bacon was my favorite part of the meal.
Probably because it consisted of three of my favorite ingredients: corn, bacon and cumin.

I also must mention that I finally succeeded at grilling corn.
A feat I've tried to master for 2 years folks!
Once it caught on fire and once it was so undercooked I was left wondering if the grill was actually working.
Well yesterday I resisted the urge to take the corn in it's completely blackened husks off the grill after only 10 minutes and allowed them to cook for about 25 minutes.
The end result...perfectly sweet and smoky corn!

Wanna try these recipes?

Check them out here and here!


  1. YUM! where's the egg sandwich you eat every night?! quite the upgrade my love!

    And why was P at the salon???? he he

    So, you would totally appreciate that Gourmet (magazine) just set me their 10lb. first edition cookbook, prior to the second edition coming out this fall. '

    over 1,000 recipes and pages! we'll have to have a wine/craft/cooking night soon!

  2. Umm...pronto!!! :)
    I need this cookbook in my life!
    And you of course!

    Mr. P was having his hair did.

    Oh and the egg sandwich made a return tonight?
    It's just that now I'm unemployed and the highlight of my day is making dinner.