Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Madison Belle

My mother purchased me some lovely vintage milk jars from Madison Belle last week.
*You should really check out their site!

They arrived today and I LOVE them!
I honestly have sat and stared at them for the past half hour.

For the wedding these beauties will sit on our 'cookie buffet' table as vases.
Remember me telling you about this?
I just think it's a cute play on the whole 'cookies and milk' thing.

After the wedding I plan to use these on my desk to hold fresh flowers.

*thank you mama san!

Note: the pretty little mason jar in these photos is my mama's, but it was too pretty not to photograph.


  1. I love the look! These will look great at the wedding. Speaking of this it here yet?!

  2. oooo! they're lovely! they will look fantastic at your AMAZING wedding.