Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My mom told me this morning that "i'm not a good blogger anymore".
ha! It made me laugh a little.
She's right.
Mom's always are!

I had the most perfect jam packed weekend and I had every intention of sharing the details with you yesterday.
HOWEVER, my fiance was coming home from Vegas (his bachelor party) and I had to pick him up from the airport at 6.
I spent the whole afternoon tidying the house, making his favorite soup, making a meatloaf and mashed potatoes in case the soup wasn't enough, and attempting to make the mini cobblers once again only to end up with the same freaking mess.

Anyways, my fiance is safely home and away at work.
I really, really didn't want him to leave this morning, but if he hadn't I'm certain I wouldn't be here talking to you.
There's always a silver lining folks.

This weekend I attended a lingerie shower for my friend Missy, a pre-bachelorette party mexican fiesta, a bridal shower in my honor, Missy's bachelorette party uptown, I cleaned my closet (first time in over a year), spent LOTS of time with my sister and squeezed in a little time with my friend and bridesmaid Lauren who was visiting from DC.

I don't have pictures from the weekend yet, but when I do I promise to share some from the festivities.

*On a side note we are now about a month out from the Wedding.
I get emotional as I type that.
I'm so excited about the time we get to spend with our closest family and friends and most importantly I can't wait for Pepe to be my husband.
I think about it a lot lately.
I love my life with Mr. P and every year only gets better.
I'm excited about all that lies ahead of us.*



  1. awww i'm so excited for you!! you are such a good almost wife by the way, making all that good food for your husband!

  2. Good blogger or not, you're still a very interesting person! :) Don't get 'too' bad or else I'll you'll screw up my morning routine.

    Olivia is right - you are going to be wonderful wife!