Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life is Good

You all know the story of this brand, right?

It's pretty remarkable actually.
Two brothers, back in 1989, thought "hey, life is good"! One brother drew up and printed the now notorious logo onto some t-shirts and, as their website says, "a star was born".

No word yet on whether the follow-up to this successful endeavor, LIFE IS BETTER, is in the works.
There's no doubt in my mind that life is, well better!
I mean come on peeps, just think about the increase in their bank accounts. ;)

What got me thinking about this?

Well I'm sitting in our comfy bed (freshly laundered sheets no less)
in a pretty little home
with my furry friend curled next to me
who will more likely than not steal my side of the bed tonight
only to result in me sleeping closer to my handsome fiance

Yes, Jacobs brothers, life is good!

Oh and tomorrow is the beginning of college football season.

Life is real, real good!

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