Thursday, September 17, 2009


Our beloved canine, Mr. Tucker Putnam Diaz-Llaneza, will unfortunately not be a part of the ceremony, but that doesn't mean he can't be look fly while he roams the house as the girls and I get ready for the big day.
This pup is such an important part of our lives I had to insist he be there with me in the days leading up to the ceremony.
Luckily my mama san has offered to take him back home with her while we are on our honeymoon.
*Thanks Mama!

I ordered my handsome man, whose head rests next to this computer right now, his very own tie. One that looks very similar to the tie the groomsmen will be sporting.

Want a tie for your four legged man?
Come on, I know you do!
Check out Dogties on Etsy, right here.

*This lovely little pup featured is not our son, he's the handsome model featured on this Etsy shop.

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