Friday, September 18, 2009

Today, Tomorrow

Friday's are often spent with my sister (it's her day off) and I love it.
Today we lunched on tacos, test drove a Volvo SUV (for her, not me!), hit up Petco, Old Navy (what? i'm in love with this store), and no day is complete folks without a visit to Target!

Afterwards we came back to my house to do a makeup trial for the wedding.
In case you all didn't know my lovely, gorgeous sister is a make-up artist and has a company with her equally talented fried Tatum, aptly named Simply Chic Hair & Make-Up.

Let me gift you lovely followers with a little before/after action.

Woah! The photo of me with NO make-up is brutal huh?
I think my sister didn't a MARVELOUS job, although I still have to get used to seeing myself in make-up (I wear absolutely none about 6 of the 7 days of the week).

*Thank you sister, you are AMAZING!

Now the Mr. is treating me and the Barzees to a lovely dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, 131 Main.
*Thank you my sweet.

Then tomorrow we pack up the car and head to Blacksburg, VA for the VT/Nebraska game!

I'm really excited for this weekend, especially since my sister and her fiance are also attending the game.
I'll try to be responsible and take plenty of photos.

Happy Weekend to all.
I love you folks.
I really do.

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