Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You silly blessing!

Venue Update coming your way!!!
It's down to two F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S contenders!
In one corner we have the magnificent Boone Hall Plantation (picture #1)!
In the second corner resides the gorgeous Magnolia Plantation (picture #2)!
This decision comes down to whether or not another couple chooses to get married on October 17th at Boone Hall (said couple has another family member getting married on this day! So wrong to even consider this, am I right?!). We should know by the end of the week.
Regardless of who comes out victorious we will be thrilled, honestly!
What this all was my dear friends is one those BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE!!!
You can come out now! :D


  1. OMG! They both are SO beautiful...they even look like they are the same venue. I'm so excited to hear which one is 'the one!' - we're def going to visit during Cooper River.

  2. You can't go wrong with either location-absolutely gorgeous. Sounds like there is a real-life "Bride Wars" going on! YIKES.

  3. C'mon, Boone Hall! C'MON!!!

  4. Thanks ladies!!! :D
    They both are truly beautiful one is just closer and we wouldn't have to provide transportation, which would be nice.