Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh me, oh my, yet again!

I wish I had good news on the wedding front to report, I truly, truly do, but I don't my dear friends! :(
I'm feeling quite bummed right now to be honest.
We found out today that both venues fell through! Yes, that's correct, we aren't getting either!
I feel like we are at a dead end right now!
All I wanna do is go home hug my fiancee, steal a smooch or two, love on my pup, eat something comforting and get in bed!!!
Tomorrow is a new day and I plan to wake up as a woman on a mission!

On a much more positive note we found out our great friend, Mr. Scott Barzee, was chosen for an awesome job today over lots of other candidates!!!! It was great to hear such wonderful news on what had been such a yucky day!

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