Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something was bound to happen!!!

I had a message waiting on me this morning from our wedding planner that said "CALL ME ASAP!" You just know that's not going to be good news, right!?!?!?
I tried calming myself by doing lamaze techniques that I've seen in the movies (didn't work).
I picked up the phone to call Jerri with my heart racing a mile a minute...
Not words any bride or groom should ever have to hear!
Armed with a few new suggestions from Jerri I sat out on a mission to find a place bigger and better!!!! AND that folks is exactly what we may have done in less than an hour!
Lookout Pavillion is a brand new venue opening next month.
I won't give too many details yet because I don't even have them, but I promise to keep you posted.
keep those fingers and toesies crossed my lovelies!

*This place is so new there are no actual photos on the website yet, just some little drawings.


  1. YIKES! At least we are still far enough out to find a spot. This will work out, and it will be even better.

  2. "Lamaze"?! Haha. "Hee-hee-hee... Hoo-hoo-hoo... PUSH!!!"

    Gonna be JUST fine, my love. : ]

  3. i've yet to hear of a wedding that didn't involve a major side-step so now you have YOUR story! and, yes, will definitely work out just's just not possible to have a wedding anywhere in (or even near) charleston that wouldn't turn out beautiful. will be excited to hear how this unfolds... ;)