Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back on Track...

Quick update: Still no venue set in stone!
*Going forth I've decided to not discuss any possible venues until we have one nailed down.
Why? Because I think I jinxed us or something! I mean how can two people have had so much bad luck in the past two weeks?

Anyways, I was browsing one of my very favorite blogs this morning, Brooklyn Bride and came across an adorable DIY Project she did with another one of my favorite sites, ETSY!
I think these little favor bags are the perfect project for me to begin working on with my brand new sewing machine! :) Now I just need to track down the right fabric.

This lovely project also got me thinking about all the things I want/need to be doing in the next month or so.
I mean just because we don't have a venue doesn't mean I don't need to stay on track, right?
Here's my do to list I've come up with:

1. Finish Matchbooks
2. Order Sparklers
3. Start on DIY Sparkler holders
4. Find fabric for DIY project above!
5. Begin on little bags to use in "Welcome Bags" (I'm all about personalizing this wedding in any way possible!)
6. Start taste testing cookie recipes for our "Cookie Bar"

My goal and date deadline for these fun lil' projects is April 15th! Wish me luck!
Hopefully I'll have lots of picture updates for ya'!

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