Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The One"

Remember a few weeks ago when I went dress shopping with my dear, also engaged, friend Missy?
Well our first stop was J Majors Bridal Boutique. Great service, great dresses, great system! It was basically just a wonderful experience!
The very first dress I tried on I LOVED! Loved so much that when Anna, the lovely lady helping us, asked if I could stay in it for a minute or two so she could do something else, I very happily obliged. In fact what I really wanted to do was run around the shop sneaking glances of myself and this beautiful dress in each and every mirror!
It's unbelievably comfortable, fits beautifully and I love it more than I really thought I'd ever love an article of clothing (and I've really LOVED dresses before).
I tried to forget about this dress because it was WAY out of my price range! I tried on about 10-15 more dresses that afternoon but after arriving home I found myself thinking of only this first dress.
I went back a second time the following Monday to make sure my infatuation was valid and while there Anna offered me a heck of a deal that I just couldn't pass up!

Well friends I'm extremely happy to report that I have my dress!

If my dear Mr. P didn't lovingly check my blog from time to time I'd post a picture.

P.S.-Happy thoughts of me in this lovely dress have helped to keep some of my sanity over the past two weeks!



  1. congratulations! finally having a dress is so exciting!!
    i fell in love with the very first dress i put on as well, but alas it was waaaaay out of my budget and they weren't haggling on it. the dress i bought ended up being 1/3 the price... but i do still love it! if we come into big money before the wedding i'm going back for it : )

  2. Hehe. It's true... I carefully scrolled down this post, ready to retreat at the first sign of a picture with a dress. Phew! Thanks, hon. Cannot WAIT to see it, too. : )