Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How sweet it is...

Many of you have heard me mention before that for favors we'll be doing a "cookie buffet".
I love when there's a candy buffet at receptions but since they've become wildly popular I wanted to put a little spin on it. Plus who doesn't love homemade cookies? Yes I said homemade! That's right friends and family, I'll be requesting your help in making said cookies!
Don't worry though, if it's not your thing I would never insist! ;)
My family (me, mama san, gran, sissy) will be heading down to Charleston on the Wednesday before the wedding and I have a feeling that Thursday will be filled with lots and LOTS of cookie baking! I get incredibly excited just thinking about it!!!

With all that said I was on one of my favorite sites yesterday, Paper Source, and they were having a huge sale on these precious little stickers (photos 2,3,4)! They are the perfect size I need for the cookie jars.
I'm hoping to have my favorite calligrapher, Laura Hooper, write on them in a whimsical font (photo 5). Each sticker will state the person's name who made them and what kind of cookie they are...for example, "Mama San's Chocolate Chip Cookies".
Also we'll be using some of my mom's antique milk bottle's as vases for the cookie buffet table.
Hope I've helped you to envision the setup and hopefully the finished product will turn out as cute as the one pictured from award winning photo stylist, Rebecca Thuss (photo 1).

*Vintage Milk Bottle pictured (photo 6) was found through GoAntiques.Com, it's a one of a kind 1950 bottle from a Virginia Creamery and we just purchased it!!!


  1. I'd love to write the names for you!

  2. Such a fun and unique idea!! I seriously cant wait to hear all the other ideas that are brewing ;)