Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another gem!!!

Mr. P recently had another DVR hooked up in our bedroom so that I could record some of my favorite shows that he doesn't necessarily like to watch (so sweet!), like The Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Samantha Who (so funny!), The Hills, Whose Wedding is it Anyways just to name a few!
We've also started recording a few of "our shows" on that DVR since we are already recording too many in the living room (yes, we watch way too much tv!) !
Well last night P agreed to skip his workout (I'm so bad, I know!) so that we could climb in bed early to catch up on some Grey's Anatomy! I brought along the laptop so that I could continue browsing a new blog I discovered, Something Old, Something New!!! The blog is run by Kenzie Kate and what great style she has!!!! I found lots of cute ideas including these gorgeous handmade ring pillows by Anna Whitford!
She's making us our very own in ivory with a gorgeous primrose on it! The flowers are made of faux suede and it's hand sculpted on matching silk dupioni. I'm hoping this is another beauty we'll be able to pass down to the next generation.

*First photo is of me with my fancy lil' laptop thinga ma' bob I found at Target! It makes watching tv, laying in bed and reading my favorite blogs all so doable!!! ;)


  1. Hey Emie! This is so random, but I noticed from the first picture that you have a MacBook laptop (which is exactly what I have), and I was wondering if you know how to delete pictures off of your iPhoto permanently? When I delete pictures off of my computer (in the iPhoto Library) it just sends them to a "trash" section in iPhoto and leaves them there and you can bring them back into your Library if you want to; so needless to say I have like a thousand pictures in my "trash" section that just sit there and I can't erase them from my laptop permanently. If you could respond to this and help me I would appreciate it SOOO MUCH!

    Thanks! ~ Jacey

    *P.S. I think your blog is just precious and am loving hearing about all of your wedding details :)

  2. Hey Jacey! :)
    So glad you like my blog.
    As for deleting photos, I hope this help...
    You need to hold down the control key and click on your "trash" and it will give you the option to permanently delete the photos.
    Please let me know if that doesn't work, but it should. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you sooo much! :) haha .. you have no idea how long I have been wondering how to do that!