Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Update

I was incredibly 'MIA' last week and I apologize.

I like to think my excuse is that I had two 'legit' baby cake orders (YAY!).
But that's not true.
There was however lots going on.
Let me fill you in...

Was our second Fantasy Football Draft.
We joined some friends at a hole in the wall bar (those are always the best kind) for wings, beer and football mania.
It was fun and I definitely like my second team (The Tainted Meat Brigade) better than the first team I drafted (Rodgers Dodgers-Aaron Rodgers is my QB!)


Mr. P and I watched lots of tv, ate a yummy feast of Turkey Burgers and Shrimp Salsa, and went to bed early because we had a big day ahead of us.


Woke up really early to drive two hours to Stoneville, NC for what was supposed to be a day of tubing on the Dan River.
NEVER, I repeat NEVER do business with the Dan River Campground.
They didn't have our reservation correct and were short 2 tubing rafts for our group.
Our friends went out to a local Wal-Mart to try and find 2 rafts and arrived back at 11:57am.
The bus left at a few minutes earlier and refused to wait even though the reservation was for 12:00.
It was quite bizarre really.
They also told us there was no public access to the river.
Thankfully a nice gas station employee informed us that there was in fact public access nearby.
We ended up spending a hour or two on a small beach, so the day wasn't a complete wash.

That evening myself, Mr.P, Mr. Barzee, my sister, and future brother-in-law all attended the Edwin McCain show at the new Fillmore.
The show was great, the Fillmore rocks, and it was all in all a fabulous night!


Spent way too much time on the couch and ate way too much food!

Applied for passport.
YAY honeymoon!
Now I'm chillin' with my lovely fiance at his office.
I feel pretty cool sitting at desk. ;)
It kinda makes me miss having a "real" job.

Oh and just to prove I really did make LOTS of baby cakes last week here's a couple photos for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Boy - you were busy! I've been totally MIA as well, but I don't have fun excuses like you!

    Just like your baby cakes, you are a little bundle of goodness! Super cute.