Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend Update-It's a Wrap

Yesterday slipped away from me my friends.
I had every intention of finishing the bachelorette party recaps, but before I knew it the day was over.

So let's resume.
Shall we?

First let me attempt to make your hearts melt...

So I try to spend a few hours a day at my desk upstairs.
It makes the work I do on the computer seem more legit.
Know what I mean?
Probably not.
Anyhow, Tucker, our dog, loves when I spend time up here because it's kind of his territory.
This morning he exhausted himself chasing his ball around.
He then disappeared for a bit and came back up the stairs hauling Pokie.
Pokie is a stuffed bear from Old Navy that Mr. P bought him months ago.
We actually told the cashier at checkout we expected it "to maybe last a day".
You see with all his other stuffed animals he's ripped out the eyes and every ounce of stuffing.
He's a sicko.
Not with Pokie.
Pokie is missing his eyes but other than that he's in tact.
Pokie is quite large and the same color as Tuck so it's possible our sweet dog thinks he's found his long lost brother.
He cuddles with him nightly.
Today after hauling him up the stairs he laid him directly beside me, wrapped his paws around him and together they dozed off.
It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
If my phone wasn't moweed (a term coined in our hometown that means wack!) I'd have taken a picture.
Hope you were able to use your imagination to picture the cuteness.

Okay back to business.

Where were we?

Ah yes, we left off with the Farmer's Market.

After the Farmer's Market Em and Missy surprised me with an apron exactly like the ones they had purchased at a little store that morning.
I wanted this apron very badly but am on a tight budget and decided against it.
Little did I know my clever friends had snuck one in for me while ordering their own.
I say ordering because these beauties are monogrammed with our initials.
I love it dearly and can't wait to wear it while I make Banana Cream pie later today.

Want a closer look?

Afterwards the ladies and I were determined to get some sun.
We didn't think the beach was a good idea since there was a good chance of thunderstorms so we settled for the pool.
This picture is proof that Mr. Sunshine made an appearance...see the squinting eyes?

After a full afternoon it was time to relax and leisurely get ready for the evening.

This process actually consisted of a couple haircuts performed by my talented sister.

After everyone was dressed in their Saturday best it was time for a 'Naughty or Nice' gift party the girls put together.

Let's just say I got a little of both and LOVED each and everyone one of my presents.
Can you see my tonsils?

Then it was time to head out to dinner at the Little Dipper, an amazing fondue restaurant.

Dinner was absolutely perfect!
We sat on the deck where we were serenaded with some tunes and enjoyed an amazing feast.

We followed up dinner with a little more dancing at Level 5.

The evening for me ended after demolishing 2 pizzas.
Yes, just 3 of us finished off two pizzas (we had 2 ladies in bed and another 3 at a bar across the street).
And gross (the pizza that is)!

We couldn't leave Wilmington without stopping by Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn.
If you know anything about me you know I'm a sucker for some Tex Mex.
The Burrito Barn did not disappoint.

We then headed back to Charlotte with our tummies full and lots of memories made.

*Thank you ladies for one of the best weekends I've ever had!
Love you!

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  1. haha the last picture def wraps it all up. Thumbs up for sure....and feeling like @$$.