Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Update Part 2

After getting all dolled up we took the hotel shuttle about a block before we saw lots of people lining one of the streets.

Our shuttle driver informed us they were watching an AC/DC cover band and of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see a band cover a group that more than likely none of us are a fan of. ;)

I'm so happy we stopped though because we got beautiful photos like these.

*Em Barzee has coined this one Two Emie's and a Sunset.

*Em & Sistah

*Em and new Sistah (official in 2 months!)

After hanging out by the water for a bit we made our way to Front Street Brewery for a tasty dinner.

Sistah and I pigged out on FRIES, CHICKEN FINGERS and ONION STRINGS.
So gross yet so scrumptious.

On our way out of the brewery (because who likes a place who doesn't allow R&B?)...

We ran into Mr. Constrictor, Boa for short.

It wasn't until the next morning I really started thinking about how odd it was that a large snake graced the streets of Wilmington and how brave my friends are.

Lastly it was time to burn off some of the 3,000+ calories consumed at dinner.

What better way to do that than by getting our boogie on?

I also learned something important during this evening (or maybe after seeing the photos)...
Playing Low (the apple bottom jeans song) during the wedding reception may not be a smart move.
Because it leads to me breaking out moves like this one...

Not good.

Up next...Farmer's Market, Pool & a little Naughty or Nice shindig.

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