Thursday, August 6, 2009

an actual wedding related post

It occurred to me this morning that I haven't been blogging too much about the wedding lately.
I think it's because when I think about everything (mostly small details) that need to be completed in the next 9 weeks I get a yucky feeling in my stomach.
Regardless, I've decided to do a better job of documenting the plans, the details, the small diy projects still left to complete, the excitement and the stress of the next two months.

Today's actually an excellent day to do so.


Because I spent the afternoon at my sister's salon and after having my hair colored, highlighted and cut we had some time left over for a quick wedding day hair trial.

Exciting huh?

Here's how I looked after my sister had worked her magic...

She's a talented pretty little thing, my sister.
*sissy, thanks again for making me feel beautiful and for giving me a lovely mani as my hair processed.

Then Tatum, Carly's business partner in their wedding hair & makeup company Simply Chic, got to work on my up do.

Remember this photo I put on my blog months ago?

Well we pulled it up on my sister's blackberry and Tatertot (as I lovingly call her) was able to make my hair look like this in 20 minutes.

I adore it!
It's organic, it doesn't look overdone and most importantly it felt like me.

It's going to look even better day of when we have more time and a couple adorable flowers adorn my head made by the ever so talented Chelsea of Oh My Deer Handmades.

Thoughts, suggestions, compliments? :)
I'll talk them all!


  1. Love Bug - This is EXACTLY the hair style I would have imagined for your wedding. Like you said, it's organic, yet timeless. Plus, it looks just like the pic! Tatum is quite the lady.

    P.S. I've missed your wedding posts! Fun, fun, fun :)

  2. Thank you pumpkin! :)
    That made my night to read that.

  3. Emie...I love it. It is totally you and will look fabulous with your dress. But of course you look beautiful no matter the hair or the dress. Love - Tams