Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update

I arrived home yesterday from one of the best weekends I've ever had.
The weekend was full of great conversations, lots of laughter, lots of boogying, lots of yummy food and the best of friends.
I'll never ever forget it.

It was such a good time that I'm going to be breaking this recap up into a few different posts.

Enjoy the photos my darlings. :)

What are a group of gals (most already in their swimsuits) supposed to do when when they show up to the beach and it's pouring the rain and the hotel isn't ready?

Hit up a bar for some yummy food and a afternoon brewsky of course.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel only to learn that it still wasn't ready.

So we set up shop in the hotel parking lot, poured ourselves a drink, found some covered seating and played a fun bridesmaid game.

Another congrats to Em Barzee for being the winner (it was a pretty close competition)!

After finally being able to check into the room we decided it was time to play 'asshole' (a card game).

Not quite sure why we are so sad in this photo. I think because it was raining, but in actuality we were a very happy group of gals at this moment in time, promise.

Here's a photo of the president and the asshole. Guess who is who. ;)

How awesome are these dixie cups you can write on?

I thought before we left that the rain would have the potential to damper my spirits, but this wasn't the case at all.
Probably because I was surrounded by my favorite gals.
We made the most of the afternoon and it's probably safe to say I had more fun than I would have, had we been able to enjoy the beach.

Up next, our first night out on the town...


  1. I just want to confirm that Emie is not lying one bit. This weekend seriously was one of the best girls trips I've had. And the best part is, it was all in honor of a wonderful couple who are on their way to a lifetime of happiness! Could it get any better?

  2. You are one of the sweetest friends a girl could ever have, I mean that you know!?!