Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it's finally here!

This weekend me and 7 of my favorite ladies aka my bridesmaids (minus one Leigh Teague who has a very good reason for missing) embark on my bachelorette party to Wilmington, NC.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will spend the days lounging on the beach or by the pool, drink in hand.

During the evening my hope is for some good food, good music, lots of laughs and of course some good boogy woogy'n.

Oh and of course I've already scoped out the nearest cupcake shop which happens to be in walking distance from our hotel and get this, they offer breakfast cupcakes in such yummy flavors as blueberry and banana walnut with cream cheese frosting.
Oh and the Wilmington Farmer's Market takes place right outside the doors of our hotel on Saturday morning.
For some reason I truly LOVE farmer's markets.
This one has lots of vendors and live music, my fingers are crossed for some bluegrass.

Anyways, most importantly I'm over the moon excited about spending the whole weekend with these handful of ladies who mean so very, very much to me.

I've promised myself (which is also a promise to you) to keep my camera in hand or very nearby the entire trip...I want to come home with LOTS of pictures.

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  1. Thank Goodness!!!!!! Reading this just makes me all giddy. A girls weekend dedicated to you is definitely in order my lovie! Can't wait.