Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 months people

I imagine right around this time in exactly 2 months I'll be eating a krispy kreme donut and sipping a mimosa while one of my lovely bridesmaids is having their hair and make-up all donez up.

It's pretty scary, pretty crazy, but most of all very exciting.

I'm to the point now that I care very little about the decoration, what people think of the invites (once they finally go out) or what shoes I end up wearing.
Mostly now I just think of how fun the weekend is going to be, how amazing it's going to feel having all our friends and family with us to celebrate and how wonderful it's going to be to finally marry Mr. P!
I also can't wait to leave on our honeymoon and have nothing to do with my new husband by my side, in the sunshine, for 7 full days.
I get all jittery and teary eyed just thinking about it.

2 months!
*Love you bunny!

Weekend Update to resume very soon.

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  1. awww i love this!! so many people get caught up in decorating details that don't even matter, and lose perspective on what really matters. sounds like you're going to have a perfect wedding.