Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

I'm stuck at work right now.
What's getting me through this day is thoughts of our cookout tonight, our lake day tomorrow morning followed by another huge cookout on Saturday evening all with great friends.

I hope you all have fun weekend plans that include hot dogs, hamburgers, fireworks and friends.

A huge THANK YOU to our armed forces here and overseas who devote their lives to keeping us safe and free.

I found a wonderful site this morning called Baking Gals.
I just joined my first group.
We work together to send baked goods to military overseas.
I'm incredibly excited to be a part of something so wonderful.
Want to join as well?
Go here.

Again, Happy Fourth of July.
See you on Monday my lovelies.


  1. What a sweet idea! You're so full of love and cupcakes - I love it.

    Happy 4th to you my dear! I hope you have a wonderful time :)

  2. Chels, I miss you!
    You can stop having fun in Florida and come back home now. ;)

  3. oh man I am at work too...the only thing saving me from going crazy is the fact that I have been reading your blog for the past hour! seriously love it. You are so cute!
    Happy 4th!