Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Update

After last week to say that I was excited for our weekend at the beach would be a severe understatement.
On Friday afternoon Mr. P and I headed to Figure Eight Island to meet up with our friends Chandler, Matthew and John.

Pepe met Matthew and John when he was about 8 years old and had first moved to the US from Mexico.
They are two of his first friends and definitely two of his very best friends.
I adore these guys! I'm thrilled they are a part of our lives as well as a part of the wedding.
*Chandler is Matthew's girlfriend of almost 3 years.
She's beautiful, smart, incredibly sweet and one of my best friends.
After this weekend it's official she's also a part of the wedding (even though in my mind she had been all along).

John's parents own a breathtakingly beautiful home right on the island.
Let me tell you this place is it's own little paradise.
Picture beautiful homes, a stunning marsh, a quite beach, soft sand, dog's running around with their owners...I loved everything about this place.

We rolled into town and met up with our friends at K38 Baja Grill.
This place was amazing.
Let me tell ya', this gal loves her some tex mex and this was tex mex at it's best.
The salsa was to die for.
Mr. P even contemplated bringing some home and trying to freeze it.
Instead I promised to try and recreate it this week.

We tucked ourselves into bed somewhat early, around midnight, because Saturday morning John, P, and I had a 5k race to run.

Side note:
This race coincidentally started at the hotel we'll be staying at for my bachelorette party next month.
After seeing it I'm even more excited to head back and explore downtown Wilmington with my favorite girls.

This was one of my favorite races to date.
The course was nice, the temperature was surprisingly perfect and since we opted out of the 10k and went with the 5k, it wasn't brutally hard like the last couple.

After the race we picked up breakfast for everyone at Whitey's Diner.
We filled our bellies, changed into our swimsuits, and spent 5 relaxing hours on the beach.

The rest of the evening was filled with good food, yummy drinks, great friends, and laughter.
Lots and lots of laughter.

We spent Sunday afternoon back on the beach before taking off for home late last night.

This was certainly the kind of weekend to make you forget all your worries.
I hope we make this trip a new tradition.

Here's a few photos from the weekend:

*Chandler owns an amazing boutique with her friend Gina.
Gina Chandler is located in Raleigh, NC so if you are ever in the area stop by!
You'll thank me later.

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