Thursday, July 9, 2009


last night Mr.P took us on a shopping spree of sorts.
Remember about a week ago when I told you we found a heck of a deal on suits for Pepe and his groomsmen?
Well we found this great deal at Kohl's.
Apparently Kohl's runs a special from time to time where you get "kohl bucks" for spending money with them online...
Basically we had free money to spend last night and it was AWESOME.
Do you remember that game show 'Shop Til' You Drop'?
At the end of this game show winning contestants got to run around the "mall" and choose the gifts they wanted.
Well this felt like what I always imagined it felt like to win that game.

Mr. P let me my favorite perfume, fluffy Laura Ashley bath towels and new Kitchen Aid utensils and mixing bowls.
In fact I just spent my afternoon using my new mixing bowls and the mini muffin pan my mother so graciously gave me on my last trip home to make mini cupcakes.

Aren't they adorable?

In addition to baking today I was able to spend the afternoon with my sister.
She picked me up, we ran a few errands, and she treated me to lunch at Panera.
Oh so yummy.

So yeah, yesterday started out as an extremely yucky day, but because I'm surrounded by such wonderful and supportive people I've almost forgotten that I'm unemployed. ;)

I also would like to share with you all a message my mother sent me this morning.
I thought it was so wonderful and well said that I asked her if I could share it with you all.
Here it goes:

"This morning I was walking the dogs and the sun had just come out and my thoughts were of you.
I thought about life and change and what a blessing it is.
Change allows us to rediscover ourselves, to connect with our true selves and to grow and expand.
With that thought I was reminded that our jobs don't define us, neither do the things we have, but rather who we are and how we live our lives.
Most importantly it is how well we love and I must tell you my sweet Emily,
you are love and all that love should be.
You should celebrate this opportunity that has been handed to you to embrace all that is open to you.
You have such a beautiful heart, share it with the world."

*Thank you mama san, I'll never forget these words!*

AND THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO has called and e-mailed with well wishes.
I appreciate them more than I can accurately express.


  1. oh my I just found your blog via experiment poverty. Your cupcakes are just delicious looking and from what I hear extremely yummy. How do I order a batch?! Sometimes losing a job can be the BEST blessing in disguise. 5 yrs ago it happened to me and I FINALLY had time to start my dream job, I am now thankful for how it all happened. Looking fwd to following your blog now!

  2. 1) Your cupcakes are absolutely ADORABLE. They remind me of the ones from Charleston, but with less frosting (which is a good thing!)

    2) Now I know where you get your amazing writing from - your mother. That might be the sweetest, most heartfelt note. Especially coming from your mama san, I'm sure that's very special.

    3) Have I told you lately that I love you? :)

  3. Hi Emie, I know I haven't even met you at this point, but as you know I stalk your blog :)

    I hate to hear about your job, but I really think that it could be a blessing in disguise. My father, best friend and sister all lost their jobs this past year and it has resulted in some eye opening and amazing opportunities.

    My best friend ended up getting a job with her sister's company and gets to work from home, travel to see her sister and work (in chicago) and because she can work anywhere she has internet access, she was able to spend a few weeks staying with her Grandmother who became very sick. You just never know how God will use the negative things in your life for a positive. Maybe this is your chance to truly do something your love and are passionate about! Good luck!