Friday, July 24, 2009

Soooo yeah....

I've been a horrible blogger lately.
I'm not sure what my problem is either.
Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

Part of the reason is that I now spend most of my days at home watching food network and reading blog after blog after blog.
This leaves little time for picture taking, day dreaming, wedding planning, etc.

I promise next week to lay off the Paula Deen and make my best effort at being interesting.
You just bear me with me, mmmkay?

I laid by the pool all day with my sister today.
It was bliss!
We even got to watch some skank-a-lank photo shoot.
Very entertaining.
Don't you just love people watching?

Tomorrow after breakfast and a run with miss Em Barzee, I'm hoping Pepe and I will have round 2 of a pool side sunshine fest.

Then tomorrow evening we are finally going to see Harry Potter!
I cannot FREAKIN' wait!!!

Sunday morning sister and I are heading back home to V-A.
It's for lovers ya' know?

We get to stay through Tuesday which means we'll get to see our Mama San in action at the Farmer's Market.
Carly and I will be manning the panini machine.
I'll take lots o' photos.

Hope everyone has fun plans for the next few days.

I'll see you soon...don't worry, I'll be a much better blog version of myself.

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  1. I hope you and Mama San are having a great week so far :) You deserve to relax and just smile.