Thursday, January 8, 2009


About 2 weeks ago I posted about the Nie Nie Dialogues and the horrible accident Stephanie & Christian were in along with their friend, Doug.
Well if you haven't had a chance to check out Nie's blog yet, please do when you have the time. It's ever so inspiring, as is her sister's, Courtney.
Well Courtney has been updating Nie's blog periodically. Now Nie is out of the coma, out of the hospital and recovering at her sister Page's home.
Today when I got to work I checked her blog, the first thing I do every day, and there was GREAT news!
Nie will be back blogging starting February 16th! YAY!!!

This week has been YUCKY thus far and I told P just this morning that I couldn't wait for it be over.
But then I read Courtney's sweet words and the ugliness of the day, of my week, just kind of vanished.
Here's part of what she had to say on her blog but I encourage you to go read the whole post...

"When the day came that we heard her doctor say, "She is out of the woods!" we cried. And started to prepare her world for her return. And slowly slowly slowly she awoke. So slowly in fact, that I hardly noticed how heavy it had been. The whole process of seeing someone die and live again. In due time I couldn't help but notice that the more I heard her voice the less of her voice I needed to be. Which is a tribute to the natural process and the fact that sisters are connected in ways that cannot be described on a blog or elsewhere. But it wasn't until this very evening, I saw my sister completely herself with light in her eyes. So I asked her, if she were ready to take back her blog. Her loved hobby. Her public. (Which had grown immensely since sleeping.) She agreed to continue her own story (in some form or another) by January 16th (of this year). Then as sisters we had an incredible laugh at all the funny parts and not-so-funny parts of the last episodic months of our lives. And shook hands (though she said, do it really softly please.) Then asked me to scratch her back because it itches. And with two of her children, I loaded up the car and came home."

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