Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing in Action, literally!

Please accept my sincerest of apologies for neglecting my blog these last few days!

Pepe and I took a trip to Charleston this past week and boy was it a good time!!!
I haven't visted nearly enough cities to be making this comment, but I'm willing to say Charleston, SC is the greatest place in the United States!
The food, the southern hospitality, the beautiful architecture, the harbor, the homes, everything is just breathtakingly beautiful!!!!
Saturday we had another AMAZING dinner at our favorite restaurant COAST and then we hit the King Street Grill for some horrible football...we had a great time despite the Panthers BLOWING IT!!!
Our hotel, Harbour View Inn was just lovely and right on the Harbour! My favorite part though was the Tempurpedic Dream Spa Mattress! Heaven I tell you!!!

Anyways we took our Engagement Photos Saturday at the Cistern on Campus and it went so much better than I could have expected.
Karyn, our photographer, was just wonderful and really made us feel at ease!
I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Then on Monday we had a tasting with one potential caterer and a meeting at our venue afterwards with another and Jerri, our planner!
It was all just glorious!
It was exactly what I needed to get myself back on the ball and inspired again!

Sorry for talking your ear off, or maybe I should say writing your ear off. Hmmm???

Anyways, I promise lots of fun stuff coming soon!!!
In the meantime I'll leave you with some photos of the area where our pictures were taken even though they don't do it bit of justice!
*In 2 weeks I should have the actual photos to share with you all.

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