Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The First Look

If you would have asked me just yesterday if I would want to see P before walking down the aisle I would have responded, NO WAY!
However, I just read this great article that I came across via the Little Black Book on Style me Pretty and it truly has me thinking it could be a good, scratch that, GREAT idea!
This, of course, is something I need to discuss with P, but we are both pretty nontraditional people and I think doing this just might make the whole day/evening run more smoothly.
I can just see myself being a big gigantic ball of nerves as I walk down the aisle, which means I'll also probably be crying uncontrollably (cause that's what I do when I'm nervous, inherited that fine quality from my mama).
Anyways, I think it could make for a really nice moment and I'd love to get as many photos out of the way before the ceremony! That way not only will be able to get a the shots we still need right as the sun is setting, but we won't have to feel rushed to take them all!
Plus we are planning on a cocktail hour that I think we'd both like to enjoy and if all the photos are taken after the ceremony it's likely we'd miss most of it.
Lastly and most importantly, I think it would be wonderful to be able to spend a little time with just P before all the fun hoop-lah begins!


  1. I love this idea! I can tell you that I was a mess before the ceremony because I just needed to see Ron. He is my rock who always calms me down when I am anxious and I couldn't see him. What a great way to spend a very intimate moment with P, just basking in the precious moments and reflecting on the journey you are about to embark on!

  2. :) So well said!
    I'm so happy to hear you say that, it kinda confirms what I was thinking!
    Oh, LOVED the Christmas photos by the way!

  3. those are pretty much the exact reasons we've decided to do it. i'm fairly traditional so my fiance was surprised that i wanted to do this but i really don't want to be ugly-crying my way down the aisle. i think if i can see him (alone... except for photographer of course) before that moment i will get my tears out of the way and be able to enjoy the ceremony. just the two of us is always different than when we're around others.

    (just found your blog via SWM... go hokies!)

  4. I agree! Good choice. :) I doubt you'll regret it and the pictures will be fabulous and not as "rushed" feeling.