Friday, January 23, 2009

Etsy helped me to prevail!

So I wanted to take a small gift to the Engagement Party for each of my bridesmaids, kind of a small thank you gift for accepting the invitation to be part of the wedding.
I spent some time browsing the internet and I found these adorable custom wineglasses (picture in photo #1).
I thought it would make it more special if I actually painted said wineglasses myself.
I did lots of internet research and ended up ordering a whole slew of things "guaranteed" to make the process easy (pictured in photo #3)! HA!
I set up shop and tried on more than one occasion to get them to look like the photo online (me working hard pictured in photo #4).
Well let's just say that they didn't quite come out like I hoped.
So what's a girl to do? I turned to my trusted Etsy Site and VIOLA! I found the perfect thing!
Eleanor @ Decal Monograms had just what I needed (picture in photo #5)! I contacted her to make customized decals for me and she had them shipped out in 2 days!!! I still was able to decorate them on my own, but with a little help from a fellow Etsier! ;)
*The last few photos are of my finished product!
Hope you ladies liked them!

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  1. i love mine and will always think of you slaving over all the little dots each and every time i use it ;) you're too sweet!