Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Charlotte Bridal Showcase

So as promised here are some pics I snapped at Sunday's Bridal Showcase.
I'd hoped to get a lot more but there was never a moment someone wasn't stopping by the booth...which isn't a bad problem to have, right!? :)
Carly and Tatum did a wonderful job of setting up and preparing for their first event! I was ever so impressed and the turnout was much better than expected!
I just know the company phone will be ringing off the hook with bride's wanting to book their services! :) I'm happy to be the one in charge of the phone and booking appointments!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the photos! The last photo was take with about an hour left of the show. We HAD to take turns sitting on the chaise lounge because when you wear 4 inch heels for 8 hours it's hard to move at all!
Seriously, my legs still feel like I just did 1000 squats!

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