Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, Sewing & Other Exciting News

So I just found out that another one of my best friends, Miss Missy Denton, was engaged this past Friday at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC! :)
How exciting!!??
I just LOVE being engaged at the same time as two of my favorite gals!!! Fun times ahead...

I hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas! P & I certainly did!!!
Quick recap...
Christmas with the Herb family in Raleigh, playing Batman on Nintendo DS all day Thursday with Matthew, weekend spent in small town Norton, VA with my fam, trying out our hand me down racquets from P's sis & brother in law on Saturday (I love having a new hobby), Benjamin Button that evening (which was great) and then finally back to NC on Sunday!

I can now honestly say that my favorite thing about Christmas is not getting gifts, but just being able to be with the people I love most, family!
However, this year I did receive an AMAZING gift!!! My first sewing machine from my FML (future mother in law)!
My mind is going crazy with all the possibilities that lie ahead!!!
My mother purchased me a few books for beginners, but my favorite is Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter.
Pictured above is the first project I plan to take on, a simple little tote bag!
I just purchased the fabric I plan to use from Contemporary Cloth, so stay tuned for the outcome.
*This project is no way wedding related, but I do plan to use my new sewing machine for many wedding related items in the next few months. ;)

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