Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I was reading one of my favorite wedding blogs today and I see the work of a FABULOUS bakery located in NYC. I visited the site thinking I'd maybe just get some inspiration from it, but low and behold I learn that they've opened a new store! Where you ask???
How wonderful! Right?
We may have a very talented family member making our cake, but there is still a groom's cake needed and that's where Baked will hopefully come in.
I've already been in touch with the owner and he said we can schedule an appointment to come in anytime we like and they'll let us try various flavors in, get this, cupcake size!
I sorta, kinda love cupcakes!!! One of my dreams is still to own a children's clothing boutique named Cupcake Couture and I plan to bake mini cupcakes daily to hand out to the kids when they come in. :)
That's a convo for another time and place though.
So anyways these are some of my favorite pictures from their website. Hope you enjoy!

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