Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Baaack!

Okay so we may have already been home from the honeymoon for 2 full days now, but this gal had to get the house in order before I even thought of sitting on my tushy to blog.

Sooo, the honeymoon....
Thanks to an issue with my passport we had to change plans at the last minute to travel to the US Virgin Islands instead of Mexico.

We ended up at the Wyndham Sugar Bay in St. Thomas which we lovingly dubbed the Shithole. :)

Regardless of where we were it was so very nice to be with my new husband in a sunny place with absolutely nothing to do but be together.
No, I wasn't sad to say goodbye to our wax paper sheets or Ilma, the world's unhappiest bartender, BUT I was sad to say goodbye to entire days spent with Mr. P.
It was pure bliss.

We decided this trip was only our pre-honeymoon and hopefully come our one year anniversary we'll be poolside and carefree again, but this time in good ol' Mexico (say it like your supposed to and that rhymes).

For now I'm back to baking and reading your blogs.
I'm ever so excited to catch myself up.

Then I promise to catch you all up on the past three fun filled weeks.

Much Love!

Emie Diaz-Llaneza


  1. What happened with passport?

  2. I am getting married in the Spring, was worried about the passport thing cause I don't want anything to happen about that. Did you try to get it too late or somethin?