Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm here!


I had my favorite vanilla bean cupcake.

Got a mani with sister and this time they gave us a little back massage.
It was very needed.
*I should tell you that while prancing around in my wedding shoes about an hour ago I tripped on the stairs and ruined a nail to avoid falling on my face.
It was awesome!

I picked up New Moon and cannot wait to do nothing but read all day Sunday.

We went to Michael's so I could pick up all the baby cake supplies needed to make favors for Missy's, one of my best gal's, wedding.
I also picked up the supplies needed to complete this little project:

Adorable, right?
My bridal dinner (that my lovely mother is hosting) will take place in the back yard of the home we are renting in Charleston.
We plan to hang a few of these from the trees as well as mason jar lanterns.

I also had my second alteration appointment for my wedding gown.
I truly love my dress more each time that I try it on.
It also looks amazing with the pretty little shoes I picked out.
I'll show you those later.

Oh and I got the photos of the simple, yet adorable tags that will be used on our welcome bags.

They make me smile. :)

Now fiance and I are going to get in a quick workout before a Mentalist marathon.

Happy weekend my sweets.


  1. I LOVE this post!!! Super, super cute - on all counts!

    I'm so excited. I wish I could express it with words :)