Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weddings, they are stressful

This wedding is driving me crazy, but you can bet your behinds I'm going to enjoy every freaking second of it! Especially thanks to the blood (okay, maybe just a paper cut, but still), sweat and tears that have gone into it.

My head is about to explode thinking of all the things (mostly e-mails to send and details to nail down) that I still need to do.

I spent the last two days doing nothing but making baby cakes (and maybe sneaking in a few chapters of New Moon in between batches).
Here's what 150 baby cakes look like:

I've been so consumed with wedding stuff that I even forgot our son Tucker's 2nd birthday.
Pepe remembered a few days after his actual birthday and my heart broke thinking of what a bad mother I've been lately.
So today I made him a little cake for a belated birthday celebration.
He ate so much that now he's lettin' 'em rip beside me on the couch.

Oh, I should also fill you all in on the most recent news...
So remember our original wedding venue closed?
Well it did.
Our new venue, Magnolia Plantaion, was the only place we could find with availability on the same weekend, however they only had Sunday open.
Well this meant we had to move our Rehearsal Dinner from Friday to Saturday night.
No big deal, right?
Well it is when the lady we were working with changes jobs and forgets to make note of the change before she leaves.
So we found this news out today and are now without a Rehearsal Dinner venue at the moment.
I could only laugh when I heard this news.
My sweetie came home with our favorite chicken tacos to soften the blow when he delivered the news to me.
Mexican food always makes things better.

Well I'm heading to the shower, then the bed.
I'm exhausted!

I'll end on a happy note-
Tomorrow we get our marriage certificate. :)


  1. I just want to give you a big hug.....

  2. oh no. It's all going to work out. I just know it.

    But I hope Pepe gave them a piece of his mind. That is just so irresponsible of them.

  3. I'm getting married Sunday October 11th at the Inn at Middleton. We had a horrible time with rehearsal dinner location/reservation/logistics so we switched to rehearsal luncheon.

    It will all work out and we will be happy we went through all the pain and suffering (and lack of sleep) so I've been told.


    Charleston, SC

  4. Hey!! I really loved your baby cakes. They look adorable. Want to have a special candy table for my wedding that will be arranged at one of New York wedding venues and will hire best catering service for the day.