Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today was a good day.

Early this afternoon fiance and I set out to obtain our marriage license.
On arrival I said in a cheery tone, "we are here to get our marriage certificate".
Only to learn that you have to be married in the state of North Carolina to obtain one in the state of North Carolina.
No biggie, tomorrow we'll cross state lines to get our South Carolina marriage certificate.

Then I dropped off all 150 baby cakes with Missy's fiance Matthew.
Matthew then gave me a gift that my sweet, sweet friend Missy purchased for me.

Isn't this the cutest lil' sign you've ever seen!?
I swear Missy is one of the most thoughtful gals you could ever know and I'm unbelievably lucky to have her as my friend.
This weekend we'll be attending her wedding at Jekyll Island and I truly can't wait for the celebration.

After that exchange I treated my sweetie to lunch. We hit up Ru San's for the lunchtime sushi buffet.
Nothing better my friends.

We then found Mr. P some snazzy shoes to wear with his snazzy suit.
Man, he's going to look so handsome!

Then he dropped me off at my sisters salon where I had my hair colored and highlighted.
It looks so very pretty.
*thank you to my very beautiful, talented sister! xo

Now I'm home watching Nie Nie on Oprah with happy tears in my eyes.
She's so incredibly inspiring.

Oh and I should tell you real quick that we have a new Rehearsal Dinner venue.
We'll have cocktails in this adorable courtyard at Charleston Place Hotel...

followed by dinner in their Palmetto Room.
Crisis averted.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go prepare myself for tonight's dance lessons.
See you tomorrow sweet friends.