Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inspirational photos I love!

Right to left, top to bottom:
Photo 1-I love this rustic outdoor setting and how little decor is needed thanks to the beauty of the natural setting. I also love the different seating options.
Photo 2-This adorable little votive is called a 'Glassbaby.' I love that they can also double as a small vase! Plus not only can you purchase them in a large variety of colors, you can rent them for your event for only $5. They are available at
Photo 3- I want our favors to be edible, something guests enjoy, and something creative. I've been to quite a few weddings that have had candy buffets and I think a cookie bar is a nice twist on that idea. Friends & Family, you can look forward to more details on that later (I plan asking for your help).
Photo 4- What an adorable cake stand! I think it's the perfect color and I love the little birds perched on the side.
Photo 5- I've come across so many beautiful hair pieces and I think this gardenia looks incredibly realistic.
Photo 6- These gorgeous macarons are by Paulette and they come in so many flavors and colors!
I think they'd make a gorgeous set up for the Bridal Shower.
Photo 7- I'm gaga over these vintage postcards! I definitely plan on incorporating them into the event in a neat way. Stay tuned for more on that...
Photo 8- How lovely is this ring pillow? Just precious in my opinion!
Photo 9- I've yet to try on bridal gowns but as of right now this is kinda how I picture my dress looking. I love the sweetheart neck, the gorgeous silhouette and the lovely lace. I think it screams Charleston, SC!

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